“My house is so bloody big and so bloody quiet and so bloody empty it’s driving me bloody crazy and I can’t talk to anyone else about what happened and I hate drinking alone . . .’ She stopped, took a deep breath, then, ‘Do you want your old room back?’

 I hid the smile that threatened to split my face. ‘Well, I’d need to give notice. And I couldn’t afford to pay much . . .’

‘Don’t you play hard to get with me, Douglas Brodie! Unless you’ve got a rich benefactor who’s putting you up at the Ritz, this is a great offer. Hand over your ration card and two pounds a week and it’s a deal. I’ll feed us. We split the whisky. Not that we’re going to be drinking much.” She stared contemptuously at my glass of lemonade.”

Glasgow, Scotland 12th April 1909

Slim; short blond hair striking blue eyes; wears glasses

Craigholme School 1914-1926
Edinburgh University 1926-1930

Mother: Isobel 1876-1935?; Drowned in Loch Lomond

Father: James 1876-1935; Procurator Fiscal Drowned in Loch Lomond

Legal Experience
Solicitor training and practice1930-1937
Intrant to Faculty of Advocates 1938-1941
Advocate (Scottish Criminal Law) 1942-