Truth Dare Kill, Gortdon FerrisDanny McRae is a private investigator. He’s no Philip Marlowe - but what else is a demobbed SOE agent to do now the war is over and the world is struggling back to normality?

Not that anything will be normal for Danny until he fills the void in his memory which swallowed up an entire mission to France.

But first he has a case to investigate. Elegant, upper-class Kate Graveney has made a shocking admission, and Danny needs to get her off the hook. Danny sets off on a hunt through bomb-ravaged London, the bleak cityscape mirroring the ruins of his mind. The head injury which gouged his memory also gives him blackouts: hours, sometimes days, are a complete blank. Newspaper headlines about a brutal killer stalking London’s red light district make him uneasy, and a visit from an old adversary awakens dark misgivings.

He is assaulted by the police and befriended by the madam of a cat-house. He's torn between his upper class client and the shop girl who believes in him.

The odds stack up against Danny and soon he fears for his life. The only escape is through that gap in his memory…"