DANNY MCRAE      the London series
DOUGLAS BRODIE    the Glasgow Quartet
Danny  McRae: the war’s over but there are no medals for Danny, just amnesia  and blackouts. Twin handicaps for a private investigator fighting injustice and corruption on the streets of London.
Douglas Brodie: Chandler summed him up: “If there were enough like him, I think the world would be a very safe place to live in, and yet not too dull to be worth living in.”
Truth Dare Kill The Unquiet Heart Bitter Water Memories can lie...
Especially when other people mess with your mind...

McRae 1
The perfect partnership:
gangbusters by day, lovers by night...

McRae 2
Can Douglas Brodie save his childhood friend from the gallows?

Brodie 1
Summer in the city. When the tarmac bubbles and tempers fray. When suddenly its bring out your dead...

Brodie 2
The Hanging Shed

It’s the worst winter in memory.

Killers stalk the streets - and Brodie’s past is engulfing him.

Brodie 3

Pilgrim Soul

The case against Brodie is watertight: caught with a gun in his hand next to a banker with a bullet in his head…

Brodie 4

Gallowglass MONEY TREE


From the vice-soaked towers of New York to the treacherous alleyways of New Delhi, a search for truth and redemption.